That Sam! He's got one heck of a puzzler. Folks are talking about what a scatterbrain he is what with his keeping the cow on the roof, sleeping in his Sunday britches, and eating his soup with a pitchfork. How's he going to get his brains all gathered together?

He seeks the help of the widder woman to see if she ain't got a potion that can whip his brains into shape. Turns out she's brewing a batch of glue stew right then, but Sam's got to help. In lieu of adding his beloved pets to the ingredients, Sam must solve a few riddles. But his brains are so scattered, it takes an Amazin' Maizie Mae to help him out - and she's more than happy to lend Sam her brains.

Imaginative illustrations create an unforgettable setting for this rollicking folktale adaptation that teaches that a heart of gold is worth more than a clever brain.






Spirit Art  

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